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A solo Exhibition of paintings at Visual Aid Gallery

"Martine Jardel’s new paintings suggest landscapes but the ground is as deceptive and unstable as marshland and the horizon seems submerged in watery depths or fragmented and scattered over the picture plane. She has always been process oriented so she is open to accidents and random events as she creates. Jardel uses palette knives and rags as she paints --- layering, scraping, wiping, scratching away, dripping and floating oil paint to create surfaces that embody a sense of time. Working large gives her the opportunity to emphasize the gestural quality of the act of painting. In recent years, Jardel has shifted from vertical canvases to painting on horizontal ones. Using the landscape as a frame to explore ideas and images, she continues her efforts to visually evoke a collection of experiences, whose memories unspool and evolve at their own pace in her imagination. ."

Special thanks to the Consulat général de France à San Francisco.

Opening Reception: First Thursday, 5:30-7:30pm, 10/4/12
Gallery hours: 10am-6pm, Monday - Friday,
October 1 – November 30, 2012

Visual Aid Gallery
57 Post Street, 94104 San Francisco

Untitled (Highlands), oil painting

Highlands 15, oil painting

Saturday, October 13 : Yerba Buena Gallery Walk
Visual Aid is honoring artist Martine Jardel at the Gallery Walk.
Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, Yerba Buena is home to a thriving art scene. Explore what the neighborhood has to offer by visiting 15 participating galleries in a FREE exciting art walk. Explore, be inspired and meet other art fans from all over the Bay in this afternoon of cultural and artistic immersion.

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