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I am interested in exploring the space between representation and abstraction. Rather than being products of preconceived ideas, as the landscapes and seascapes my works may often suggest, each image represents -if anything- a departure from certainty. Lately I have been exploring mixed media technique on Mylar sheets.

Rags, knives, fingers, sticks, or the drip and trickle of turped-down cerulean, allow each image to develop as if out of a primordial soup: sky and earth become interchangeable, indeterminate phenomena. In homage to the spiritual aspect of creativity, the world and its apparently defined structure is left in a state of formation and potentiality, where everything is possible. If, within this primordial zone of pure creation, you asked for a triangle, it would dissolve in a drunken stupor

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The series morceaux d'espaces consists of assemblages of small oil paintings. This process of juxtaposing canvasses which have been painted individually often weeks apart facilitates the questioning and playing with the conventional pictorial sign systems. It disrupts any intentional symbolism and at times the illusion of space's depth becomes a desorientating force. But ultimately painting is a dialogue with color

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space 49 (60"x48")

My space paintings show a process of sedimentation. Thin layers of paint let the light seep out from within the painting. The effect of color transparencies, light and dark, help create a mood or an atmospheric quality which enhances the reading of marks, lines and colors as loose depictions of elements in nature.
Recurrent shapes : a tree or a body ? Sky or water ? But ultimately they are but traces, remnants of images with no fixed identity. I like to see my paintings as spaces of ambiguity inviting the viewer to a patient contemplation.

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